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Tales of Sin & Fury: Troublemakers

Troublemakers tell their tales…

cover of Sin and Fury bookby Sonia Paige

In a wintry London just after Thatcher's fall, a group of friends revisit the triumphs and traumas of the 1970s, a decade that changed their lives as they tried to change the world. They bear witness to the courage and the cost of breaking boundaries and challenging the status quo, in a tapestry of turbulent human experience: squatting; seductions; friendship; demonstrations; bad trips; occupations; betrayals.
Round the kitchen table, in bed, in prison, on the train and in the consulting room, the characters tell their stories, look for answers, untangle the threads and get re-entangled in the present. This is a 'portmanteau' novel about activism, memory and obsession.

Publication date: August 2019

331 pages, 20cms x 13cms

ISBN: 978-1-907352-08-9

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